Sunday, November 28, 2010

whats going on with my computer...

Here's a look at my life on the internet....

First stop. facebook.. Where mostly you will find a bunch of pictures of my daughter and what boring things have happened to me lately..

Second I go to Cafemom... I stay mostly in the Cuties with Cloth Booties group.. (note: the facebook and cafemom stops happen within about 5 mintues of each other).. I open many a lot of tabs with the sites I plan on visiting and get to the site and then start from the beginning and then switch back and forth.. my husband said I may be like an ultimate multitasker which I must admit i'm pretty proud of..

I also must warn you, if you visit cafemom.. it may become addictive.. beware.

What do I do third? I'm not even sure.. these two can keep me busy for hours.. I do browse for cute cloth diapers which takes up hours some days.. I just finished the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt from Diaper Decisions. I'm so proud to have found every single icon and finish this extremely hard scavenger hunt. I would recommend you go try it, but it ends on the last of November.

Someone please help me spruce up my internet routine..

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