Friday, December 10, 2010

Im thankful for...

My baking career was incredibly short lived. It was truely pathetic. I attempted to make honeycomb brittle four times.. FOUR times.. and not even one time did it work.. Martha Stewart made it seem so easy. Then I attempted fudge twice.. two different recipes. Neither of those worked either.. I am craving something sweet and nothing is working.. I give up. I'm going to go see if the red light is on and get some doughnuts.

What's even more pathetic is that I know the red light isn't on.. I know what time it is on everyday.. I was hoping to give baked goods as Christmas presents this year but I guess that won't do..

I have, however, finally found gifts for Lorelei. I am happy with my finds. I have been avoiding bulky plastic toys but I found one of those bench things with the hammer like I had when I was younger. I also got a thing where you stack the rings, but instead of big plastic rings I found one that had cloth and wooden rings and they are really pretty colors.

As much as I want to complain and rant about the millions of things on my mind I will stop myself and will say something nice:

I am thankful for...
the sleeping baby in the crib in the next room
the beautifully lit Christmas tree infront of me
the list of Christmas movies on my DVR
and the fact that my husband is sitting right beside me.. this time last year I was saying goodbye.

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