Sunday, December 12, 2010

its taking over..

The Christmas spirit is taking over me. I've got some gingerbread cookies to bake for tomorrow, I've got presents wrapped and under the tree and I've watched a Christmas movie everyday for the past week. We watched 4 today I believe. I've even dressed Lorelei in a Classic Pooh Christmas outfit..

I've been in such a cooking mood lately. I really wish someone would come in and takeover my kichen knowledge and show me how to cook with some flavor and some healthy stuff. I cooked some green beans that weren't in a can and was proud of myself. Looking back on it, they were just green beans (and honestly they needed some salt.) I love brocoli and there are so many recipes that make my mouth water that include it but I can never cook them because my husband hates it. I really think he'd like it if he'd try but he just says he doesn't.

Speaking of my husband.. We do some random things when we're bored. A few days ago while watching one of our favorite shows, Mythbusters, my husband decided that he was going to make a paper clip float. Who knew it was possible, but I assure yout it is!

That last picture was hard to take, but there you go, a paper clip floating!

and now its my bedtime!

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