Thursday, December 23, 2010

there is nothing like a family to screw up a family

Its almost Christmas and my Christmas spirit has almost ran dry. Uhm.. thanks family..

Let me tell you about something... A middle aged man I met at the dentist knew way too much about the name Lorelei.. Yes, I did get it from Gilmore Girls. I usually don't agree with naming babies after a TV show or movie, but there is something about this name. To me it is a strong and classic name. When I think of this name I think of someone who is smart and witty, someone who can stand on their own two feet and is kind, who is brave and beautiful. Everything I would ever want in a daughter I think of when I think of this name.

David picks on me for being obsessed with this show, and maybe I am... I guess it is my escape from reality.. I'm proud of my complete DVD collection and large knowledge of quotes and info.. I'm by no means a Gilmore Girls "trekie" but I have watched each episode multiple times and while I may not remember details of my own life, I can tell you what happened in which episode. Plus this is my go-to show.. if I'm in a horrible mood or feeling sick, I lay in bed and watch this show. If it is late and I can't sleep I pop in the DVD and drift away.. Don't pick fun, please.

On to a less pathetic part of my life.. or maybe not.. I have been attempting to bake a lot lately.. I don't know where my sudden urge to cook came from but I guess I just need some more flavor in my life.. the hamburger helper and cresent rolls just isn't doing it for me.. So like I said in an older post, I tried to make honeycomb brittle... FAIL..

I ended up making a couple of dozen sugar cookies and a bunch of these little rice crispy treats with pretty frosting and sprinkles. I put them in pretty Christmas bags with snowmen and penguins and gathered them all together so that I could bring them to town for Christmas.. So my husband and I make the 2 hour drive down and after unloading the car I realize that the bag of goodies is still sitting on my kitchen counter.. 100 miles away...

Alright, so my family could be doing better... my Christmas goodies are obviously not meant to be, and my mood leaves a lot to be desired, but I know I am thankful for something...
  • Lorelei's first Christmas is almost here
  • Toys for Tots gave us a few things to give her
  • We found the perfect toys for her at Target too.
  • There is a pink Bumgenius diaper on its way to me right now
  • Even though it wasn't much, there was a lot of stuff under our Christmas tree this year
  • It is almost 12 and my daughter is sleeping soundly


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