Thursday, January 13, 2011

RSVP minus P

I am so happy to be home after my time away for the funeral and waiting for my car to be fixed. I got snowed in and stayed longer than I had liked. David had to go out of town for training so I've got the house to myself for a few days. I am really enjoying it. 

Lorelei has been a bit under the weather. She started coughing the other day and just couldn't stop. It got to the point that she was choking and couldn't breath. Finally after a couple of days and it only getting worse I took her to the emergency room. On the way to the hospital she screamed and gagged. I really considered taking her out of the carseat, but the weather was getting bad and I didn't want to risk anything. When we pulled in she threw up all over herself. I felt so bad for her, but it seemed to clear her throat and make her feel better for a bit. I was happy she felt better but once we finally got back to the doctor he treated us like we were the kind of people who freak out and bring a healthy baby in for nothing... if only he would have seen her ten minutes before. They ran tests and did x-rays and it turns out she has RSV. It is some type of respiratory virus which causes things to swell and make it hard to breath. We have been giving her breathing treatments and sleeping with a humidifier and some Tylenol. She seems be doing a lot better. She is still coughing, but not as often and not as severe.

It is so scary to see your baby sick. I felt so bad for her. Her eyes have been puffy and her nose is stuffy. She has been so clingy and just wants to be held and sleep. I gladly do it so that she will feel better. Now I am coughing though, but it only wakes her up half of the time.

Since I have been home alone I have been doing a lot of cleaning... or what can be done with a sick and clingy baby. I have printed coupons then cut and organized them. I finally finished the dishes that my husband left behind before he left... and I still have to clean up the rest of the house.. I will admit part of it is mine though.. I haven't even gotten around to getting my sewing machine back out. I've got so much cleaning to do that I don't even need to start making that mess. Sewing is so much fun but it can become messy. I really wish We would have gotten a bigger apartment so I had an extra room to have a desk and place to put my sewing machine. Also it would be nice if we had a place to store more stuff. (or maybe I should just go through our house and clean out stuff...)

I am really rambling today. I am sleepy and getting sick :(

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