Thursday, January 20, 2011

my favorite things

I know that the 90s things get old. Everyone has a list of things they love about the 90s, and then a list of reasons the 90s were best. As I put together this list I realized it was all from the 90s, but so be it. Here are some of my favorite things from my childhood:

Boy Meets World
I still watch this show every day!
Clarissa Explains it All
I love this one so much I have it on DVD.

Not sure what the big deal with this show was, but I loved it!

Fisher Price Little People
Ok, honestly I have no clue what these little people are called but I LOVED them! I'm pretty sure 50% of my childhood was spent playing with these. I looked for them on ebay last night and it turns out they were made in the 60s-70s. My grandma got ours at yard sales. I also was looking at the accessories and it turns out that we had almost every single thing they offered. I want to buy these again for Lorelei.

Harriet the Spy
After this movie came out I got a composition notebook and put a letter at the top of every page. I never had the heart to write things about people though. I also wanted to be a spy. I had a small bag full of all kinds of "spy" equipment.

Little Tikes doll house
I still have this one. Well mine got lost and I ordered a new one on ebay about 6 years ago. I can't wait until Lorelei can play with it.

Little Tikes Kitchen
This is a bigger version of what is used in the doll house. I had the kitchen. I never even knew about the rest of that stuff. I wish I did! If Lorelei is interested she will definitely have a play kitchen and any other play household stuff she wants!

The Magic School Bus
I don't think I even need to explain this one. I don't know anyone who doesn't love this show or the books. I love how creative and interested in the world this show made me.

Things this movie taught me - Some people actually ENJOY reading (I do now, but then it was unheard of), Not everyone has nice parents and I was blessed, and I WANT MAGIC!

Mouse Trap
I remember having this game. I don't, however, remember playing it. Not even once. I remember building the course over and over again and trying to trap the mouse.

Polly Pocket
The original Polly Pocket. I loved her. I had the big one I have pictured, along with a bunch of the little ones that fold up. I took them everywhere. Some dumb housekeeper threw mine away. I really wish I still had these for Lorelei.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry
I'm not sure what it was about this show that made me so happy, but I loved it! At school whenever we had computer day I would play this video game. It had different tasks where you would race a firetruck to a burning house or help build someones house. It was fun.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Another one I watch everyday still, and another with Melissa Joan Hart. I really like her (she uses cloth diapers). Plus, I would love to have a cat that talked! and magic for that matter!

Saved by the Bell
90s fashion at its finest.

Scented Markers
Purple was my favorite. I kept these neatly in their packaging and used them all of the time. My heart broke when they finally went dry.

Stick Stickly
Every afternoon after school I would see Stick Stickly. Thanks to him, when 9/11 happened when I was in 7th grade (or thanks to my teachers I guess) I had no idea what the World Trade Center was. I only knew it as the twin towers because that is where he went to meet his twin brother.

Super Mario/ Super Nintendo
I can't even tell you how much time I spent playing this game, or how many times I have beaten it! I still have it actually, along with Donkey Kong! I have them both for the Wii too, but I will never get rid of the classic.

Tomagatchi / Giga Pet
How smart, a virtual pet! I had a few of these, including a Rugrats themed one that had legs and lit up. Actually, I still have that one! Not sure what it was about these, but they were awesome.

Legends of the Hidden Temple
I loved ALL of the game shows on Nickelodeon, but this one was by far my favorite! You can't beat kids doing physical challenges across motes and getting slimmed in the end!


  1. haha!! did we have the same childhood? i loved all of these things TOO!!! You forgot to add Cabbage Patch dolls and the Fischer-Price Kitchen with the Cordless Telephone!!!

  2. i do believe we did. I never had Cabbage Patch dolls.. My grandma claimed they were blessed by the devil or something.. haha. idk.. I noticed that I only liked "pretty" things. My dolls had to look realistic. I pretty much only watched cartoons where the characters were more real looking.. I guess I was superficial.. but that kitchen!! We had one!! I am going to add it.