Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My reasons for being crazy

So my family is full of babies! On my mother's side alone there are 3 (will be 4 within a month) that are under the age of two. Actually there is probably more that I'm forgetting. When I was pregnant and decided to use cloth diapers I was told that I couldn't do it. I would hate washing them and quit (thanks for the support btw). Well 4 months after birth I'm still using cloth. I do use disposable too, but I haven't quit.

I really wanted to explain to them how easy using cloth was, but they just won't listen. I guess all they think are thin pieces of fabric that are pinned with a stiff plastic cover, but that is not what cloth diapers are like now. I also think all they think of is nasty poop they have to wash. Honestly though, the only time I've had to clean up a big mess is when I've had a disposable diaper on Lorelei and she has had an explosive poop and it goes up her back. She has these often now that she has been sick, but while she is wearing cloth there is no mess.

So I want to tell you guys my reasons for using cloth diapers since my family won't listen.

  • My biggest reason to start using cloth is money! Disposable diapers are so expensive! Especially since you only use them once and then throw them away. One cloth diaper may cost as much as a box of disposable diapers, but you can wash and reuse over and over again. There are hundreds of websites that do the math for you, but I'll do it myself and try to keep it simple.

    Lets first assume your child potty trains at exactly two-years-old. You will change the diapers 9 times a day. That is 3,276 changes a year. 6,552 in total.
    ---Disposable - Lets use Huggies. Right now you can buy roughly 150 diapers for $35. 2 years worth of diapers will cost you $1540. That isn't accounting for random price changes, wipes, and all the trips to the store because that is around 45 boxes of diapers.
    ---Cloth - Lets invest in a stash of 30 one-size pocket diapers. I'm going to buy 15 from Nubunz. The factory seconds are selling for $3 right now with no insert. The other 15 I will buy from random places online, including some used. They will average about $7 each. That is about $150. I need inserts for each diaper so I will order some from a lady online who is making them 20 for $20. Also some of the used diapers came with inserts, and I will also buy a pack of prefolds at Wal-mart for $12. That comes out to be $182. Again I'm not adding in the cost of wipes (however you could make your own and not have to buy those either) or the cost of washing. But I doubt washing an extra load of laundry will run up your utility bill over $1000.

    So lets look at these numbers side by side.
    Disposable $1540
    Cloth Diapers $182
  • My next reason for using cloth is the cuteness factor. Have you ever seen a cloth diaper on a baby? Now look at a disposable. There are so many choices when it comes to cloth. You can even get your favorite fabric and make whatever you want. With disposables it is some cheap piece of paper like material with a picture of bugs bunny or mickey mouse printed on it. I mean really, sometimes I hate even putting pants on Lorelei because it will cover up her cute diaper. You tell me which is cuter.

  • I love the convenience! You may think it'd be easier to use disposables, but I find it easier to use cloth. When I run out of diapers all I have to do is dump a bucket of diapers in my washing machine. I don't have to load a baby in the car and drive a few miles to the store, haul the baby to the back of the store to the baby section, pray they have the type of diapers I use, dig my wallet out of the bottom of the diaper bag, load the baby and the diapers in my car, drive home, get everything out and put everything away. Lets hope its a good day because if not there will be a fussy baby which makes for a horrible shopping trip. I love that I throw them in the washer, just add a rinse cycle, and depending on my mood I either put them in the dryer or I hang them to dry (the sun does amazing thing for stains). Clean up is easy too! When I change a diaper I just throw it in a diaper pail. If it is "dirty" I take it to the bathroom and spray it out with a sprayer I bought at a store that carries cloth diapering stuff.
There are hundreds of other reasons to love cloth diapers that I'm not going to get into. One being how earth friendly they are. I think the reasons I gave you are 

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