Sunday, January 2, 2011

OWN, Fockers and a drunk husband

So I rang in the new year at the local Applebees drinking one of the nastiest alcoholic beverages I have ever tasted. I guess I just don't care much for liquor. I had a red apple sangria.. it did look pretty, but taste wasn't all that great. 

I must share a complaint (or a hundred) about Albany, Ga... first of all our date night started off with a movie. Why is it that at 9pm the theater doesn't have the frozen coke machine running.. it was as if they were just opening up. So I got past that because the guy was really friendly and I got my frozen coke that I have been in love with since I was pregnant. So we go to the theater where our movie of choice was playing. It was so dirty. They couldn't pretend like they tried to clean that place up. There was trash on the ground and cups in cup holders. It wasn't even like we had went in early. Our movie (Little Fockers) started at 9:35 and we got in there at 9:30. So whatever, I didn't have to sit in trash so I was going to get past it (even though now I'm thinking of going to their website and filing a complaint), but I was getting comfortable and a big group of rowdy "gangstas" came and sat behind me. I figured they would shut up by the time the movie started but boy was I wrong. Right when it started I heard one of them talking on the phone. Note that I didn't say whispering, I said talking. It wasn't even like "yeah mom, I'm at the theater. I'll talk to you later..." they were having a conversation.. and towards the end of the movie another one of them were doing the same thing. I have heard of people being rude in theaters but this was really ridiculous. From now on I am going to stick to the base theater. People there are respectful and the staff keeps the building clean. I guess they have to or the Marines will kick their butts! Plus the base is like $6 cheaper!!

Well that is the end of my theater complaints. Applebees wasn't that great either. Our waiter brought David the second Corona after we told him not to because I didn't want a drunk husband, and lets face it.... drinking costs too much. Well I did end up with a drunk husband. I hate drunk people. We were laughing today because last night I just told him "shut up. you are stupid when you drink too much."

On to what is going on in this new year -

I have worked on doing every single thing that I told you I would do in my last post.
  • I have attempted to save some money. I didn't just throw everything in the buggy when we went grocery shopping today. I took coupons with me in attempts to save some extra. In the end this trip to the grocery store wasn't that successful. I ended up spending more that I would have liked, but I have more chances. I looked up information effectively using coupons and I think this is something I can do. However, I do need a printer. I can't do this without a printer.
  • I'm going to be a better mama. Yesterday my little sweet pea laughed out loud for the time. She has done the big smiles with a little coo, but yesterday she had the laughs. It was awesome.
  • I haven't spent as much time being creative today. My mom is in town so the sewing machine is in the corner instead of in the middle of the living room for my easy use, but I did knit today. I'm trying to make Lorelei a headband.
  • Be a better wife.. I sure am trying. I started the Love Dare. Follow my journey HERE. For this being my first day I feel that I have already learned a lot! My whole attitude on this is different. I feel like a different person around my husband, and I say that in a good way. We both seem happier around each other just by my following the first dare.
I can't wait to see what else this year has in store. Hopefully just fun with my ONE baby! I hope we won't have any surprises. I pray there will be no deployments and no more moving. Just one full year in one place... settled.

Oh and I have to confess my love for everything Oprah right now. And I did sit by the TV today to watch the second her OWN network launched. I am so excited to see what is coming up for this network. I would tell you more but I'm watching the Behind The Scenes show on OWN right now!

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