Sunday, January 9, 2011

uninterupted sleep

Last night was the first night that I let Lorelei stay the night away from me. I kept putting it off and finally I realized I had no good reason not to let her stay with my mother-in-law. So she went, and I enjoyed a nice night to myself and got plenty of sleep. This morning though, I do miss my sweet pea. I can't wait to see her.

I have been working on what I said wasn't resolutions this year. I have been knitting a hat and I'm having withdrawals from my sewing machine. I am staying with my grandma until my car is fixed and can drive the two hours home and I am really starting to get homesick. I have been here since last Monday, and David left this morning for training and he won't be home until Friday. I thought I would enjoy staying until he came home, but I think I'm ready to get Lorelei home and we can get back into our routine.

I saw a show the other night about people who take couponing to extremes. I'm sure some people may have thought they were crazy, but I found it inspiring. I even went out and got a printer so that I could print internet coupons. I have researched all of the stores in my area that offer the best coupon policies, and signed up for their discount card and baby club. I can't wait to get home so I can cut and organize and plan a trip. I have never been so excited to go grocery shopping.

Well my sweet pea is almost home so off I go to spend time with her! I will let you know how the couponing adventure goes!

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