Thursday, February 24, 2011


Its tax time. I use to dread it, but now that we get a good return I am really excited! Having a good paying job, a deployment and a new baby all in one year makes for a good chunk of money. I don't feel like talking numbers, but here are our plans:

Firstly we will pay off most of our bills.
We still owe on our sofa and love seat that I bought from Haverty's. It was expensive, but I don't regret buying it. It was a good investment. I'm happy to be paying it off!
We will also be paying off our credit card. It will be a good thing to have it paid off, and we will only use it to buy gas and we plan to pay it off each month so it will help our credit.
Doing these two things alone will save us $150-200 each month.

Next we are doing stuff just for us.
I think I may be getting that Mac that I've been wanting for YEARS! I think I'm the only one left without one. If I don't talk myself out of it again I will have one soon. Usually when the time comes I decide I don't want to spend that much money, but hopefully this time I'll just do it! We really need a new computer. The one we have now is slowly dying. It decided last week that it hates YouTube and will flicker and go black whenever we play a video.
I'm thinking about maybe finding a good deal on a PS3 for my husband. We'll see about that though. That might be saved for next year.
Another great thing is a vacation. We were thinking a cruise at the end of the year. Something cheap and nothing fancy. Just a chance to get away together.

Enough money talk.

Today my mother-in-law came and got Lorelei and kept her overnight. The left around 2:30 so I had the whole afternoon to myself. I don't think I have ever been in my house alone. I mean really, I have NEVER had this house to myself. It was so relaxing. I miss her to pieces, but this was a much welcomed break! Tonight David and I had the night together and we went out of town to see Jeff Dunham. Who thought a ventriloquist could be so funny! This man is hilarious! We had planned to go to Olive Garden since we don't have one near us, but they closed before our show was over so I missed it. It was a nice evening together though. Our 2nd anniversary is Mondy and this was our night out I guess, even though hopefully we'll do something nice then too.

I'm excited to go to bed now. I won't have to listen to a baby monitor. I won't have to worry about waking up. I am going to go to sleep and sleep all night long and then sleep on into the morning until I decide to wake up. Thats right, I will wake up whenever I want to. I'll sleep the day away if I decide too.

I'm a mommy though. My body is programmed to wake up at ungodly hours whether there is a baby here or not. I will probably get up in the morning and finish cleaning the house. My grandma is bringing Lorelei home and I'm sure by the time they get here I will be missing her something serious.

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  1. Yay for tax returns! We JUST got out. Sadly, all of it will go to bills. :( I really wanted an iphone with it. *sad*