Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I love lately

So I've made some changes lately and I'm really liking how things are going. I think I mentioned in another post how much I love Publix. Something about that place just makes you feel better when you walk in. It feels so clean and fresh, and that feeling I feel when I walk in the door makes me want to eat healthier and be better. I don't know how else to describe it, you will really have to go and see for yourself.

When I'm at Publix I'll go straight to the produce, which is something I have NEVER done before!! Not only that but I'll actually buy some! And I'm not just talking about potatoes and apples. I've bought eggplant and asparagus! If you knew me you would be laughing right now because that is so not me.

Another thing I like is how I can use reusable shopping bags. All stores let you do it now, but at Publix it just doesn't seem so weird. I love that instead of using 5-10 plastic bags per trip I have 4 reusable bags that I can use over and over. I have another reusable bag that I got from Old Navy and one from JoAnns so if I really need it I'll have 6, but so far I've been able to do my 2 weeks worth of shopping in 3-4 bags. I love it!!

I have also been cooking more. There are things I never knew I could do in the kitchen! I watched a few cooking shows and experimented with some ingredients I've never used before and there are wonderful scents coming from my kitchen! And even when I make chicken and pasta I feel like I'm eating healthier than if I were to make hamburger helper. 

I really hope I can step it up so by the time that Lorelei gets bigger she will be eating much healthier than I ever have. I want to teach her how to use reusable shopping bags and unpaper napkins. I will make her cloth diapers for her baby dolls instead of letting her play with cheap disposables and let natural things be her norm.

Couponing has been going so well for me too!! I have saved so much money!! To date I have saved $142.09. Thats is just 7 shopping trips, or two pay checks. Usually we would just go to one store, but lately I have shopped around a bit. I do vegies and anything organic I want at Publix and the main shopping at Winn-Dixie. I check the sales at those two plus places like Rite Aid or Walgreens. The pharmacies are where I find soda the cheapest usually. I usually don't like shopping around but as you can see it saves money, and I'm sure if I figured out the prices better I could save even more!

And since I'm tired of rambling I will leave you with this... Mango Peach V8 Splash is AMAZING. especially when its on sale buy one get one and I have a coupon for $1.00 off!

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