Saturday, March 26, 2011

searching for inspiration.

So I was looking at the "Blogger Buzz" a second ago and noticed they're about to change the look of the dashboard. Just when I figure out how to use this, they change it. Not sure when it'll happen, I got to distracted to read it all.

We're finally in our new house and I just can't seem to get motivated to finish unpacking and cleaned up. I've been so tired and I hate myself for feeling this way because I want to get so much done, but I just want to rest.

Lorelei is growing like a weed. At six months old she is trying to stand up. While standing beside a box she actually pulled herself up to stand. It won't be long before she's walking. I'm not looking forward to that because its hard enough as it is to keep her still.

Oh, and speaking of our new house... I need some inspiration.. Right now the walls are all a pale tan, and we've got the same old furniture.. Everything is the same. I need color and excitement.. I need some inspiration..


I've actually got one of those jars.. Thats a good idea though, but i'll need 4 more.





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