Sunday, March 6, 2011

This year seems to be going just how I have wanted it. I hope my saying that doesn't jinx it. My efforts at saving money have been going great. We've paid off our sofas and our credit card bill which will save us almost $200 a month. I'm still paying on a student loan though.. that'll be payed off with next years taxes maybe. My husband and I both got new computers and gave our old one to his mother. I finally got my MacBook Pro and I'm so in love with it!!

We're moving this month too! I think I've mentioned that before though. Thankfully the Marines are going to move us so it won't be too much work for us. I'm so excited to have a bigger pantry to keep all of these groceries that keep rolling in. Not to mention that I've lowered our grocery budget, but I have been able to bring in more food. I've been buying more organics and the good quality name brand food... and spending less!!

I've got a trip planned for today and I will be able to get 6 bottles of spray n wash laundry cleaner and 2 bags of hall's cough drops for free! Actually they will be paying me to take them out of the store. I've never been able to do this before so I'm really excited. I'll have to take pictures later and show you guys.

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