Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear 14 year old self,

You are beautiful!
Stop calling yourself fat, because you aren't. You are healthy.
Don't quit ROTC. You are good at it. It gives you the exercise you NEED!
Remember that day.. yeah, that day... don't do it.. you're going to regret it.
He isn't worth it.
And when that other boy asks, say yes. Even if he wasn't serious just say yes, because he was as crazy about you as you were about him. Stop being to blind to notice and make a move, because he has done enough.
and overall just SHUT UP!

Dear 16 year old self - 
You are good enough.
Those break ups were not your fault. 
Those guys weren't good enough.
If you haven't taken my advice by now, what are you waiting for?!
You know he loves you so go for it!
Study for your learners permit test... you fail it twice.
You can do anything...
Don't give up.
Around 6am on April 1st call a friend so that you won't have to be at his funeral  a week later.
Stop skipping school.
Oh, and it won't kill you to send in a college application.

Dear 18 year old self - 

Go to college.
Follow your dreams and go to SCAD.
Spend your graduation money on a Nikon. You won't regret it.
Don't let a boy drag you along for years. He wasn't worth it two years ago, he isn't worth it now.
And when the other guy calls tell him all of the things you didn't tell him before. It won't backfire. He will believe you.

Dear new mommy self and current self - 
Call the lactation lady at the hospital. Beg for her to come to your room.
Notice her lip, I think that was the problem.
Keep trying. Camp out on the sofa and just keep trying.
Refuse doing anything except exactly what you want to do on your birthday.
Slow down.
Save money.
Cheer up.

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