Monday, May 9, 2011


I've heard this phrase a lot lately while I was looking into homeschooling. Lets be honest - what do we think when we first think of homesteading? I think of old farm houses, mules pulling plows, little girls running through corn fields with flowing dresses, oh and the Oregon Trail.

Look at the vast fields behind them. Lots and lots of NOTHING. Is it weird that when I see things like his I wonder about how she did diapers for her baby? How was breastfeeding for her, and if something happened to go wrong what did she supplement with? How far have they walked and where are they going? Oregon? Does that beard itch?

Ok, that isn't really what this is about. Modern homesteading is much different and I was surprised to find out that I am a bit of a homesteader myself. I've sewn a few things around the house myself, and my use of cloth diapers can be considered homesteading. Growing your own garden and canning foods also count. I've heard of  a lot of people doing that lately to save money (plus it tastes better, and is better for you!) Oh and having chickens and using their eggs is homesteading! Pretty much just living off of the land around you and being natural. Cut down on waste and pollution. I've just made some simple changes to make life better for my family, and in turn it is better for everyone around me and the earth. The amazing part is that it isn't so unheard of anymore. Everyone seems to be trying to make changes and live better. I live in a base house so I can't plant a garden or keep chickens, but I can recycle, use organic foods and reuse things. Oh, and if you hear about some of the things in your food you'll be running to organics faster than you can say antifreeze. (Yep, they've found that antifreeze is used in the making of some salad dressings.)

With all of that said I hope it got some wheels turning. Homesteading isn't as old fashioned as I first expected.


  1. hey I'm a homesteader & didn't know it. or rather my parents are homesteaders! lol!

  2. I had a feeling you would be!