Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I've been having trouble getting everything accomplished lately. I've been in a vicious cycle with myself. I need to get stuff done, it piles up, I have even more to do, I get overwhelmed, I start to shut down and it just keeps stacking up.

I've really been trying to figure out how to get it done steadily so it doesn't add up until I can't handle it. My mom keeps saying just do a load of laundry everyday, but for some reason it just seems so hard for me to do. In our house we don't have enough laundry to do everyday. If I save it for every other day I forget until a week has passed. Or I put it in the washer and forget until it has mildew, or it sits in the dryer forever waiting to be folded. Whatever the case is I just can't seem to get it done.

I decided since I love lists that I should make a list of what chores I should do each day. I figured if I do one or two chores a day they won't pile up and become overwhelming. It is much easier to do one or two a day than to do 10 in one day.

I found this online and printed it out. It was easy to make and turned out really cute. Here is a picture of the printout:

This is something I really want to keep up. I really like organization and I have such a hard time keeping it up. I've got papers stacked up on a desk. It seems like once I get them taken care of ten more piles come in. I can just envision beautiful notebooks nicely placed on bookshelves with perfectly organized documents. Everything is in its place and easily found.

In my house by our backdoor there is a small desk. It is stuck in between two doors which is really awkward. I have to have this small table under the desk to put my printer because there is no space on top. I don't want to fork out the money for one of those nice rolling filing carts so I have a milk crate one. Its pretty tacky but it gets the job done.

I get aggravated because I use to work with a lot of files. I would take notes, print resources and in the end file it. Now I have nothing. I would love to start my own newspaper or magazine, but its just not happening.



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