Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yard sale time!

Lately my sleeping habits have been way out of whack. I got the pregnancy insomnia which carried on through until now. It is horrid. I normally go to bed after 3am, and then wake up with Lorelei in the morning. I feel like crap all day until I get a burst of energy around 8-9pm that lasts until I just can't stand myself anymore around 3.

I've been trying to make myself get up early so I can go to bed earlier (Lorelei will sleep until around 11 or later if I let her, and usually I will). It isn't easy. What is easy is to just hit ignore on the alarm clock and go right back to bed, because what will I do if I'm awake... nothing. As sad as this may sound the only real reason I've found to get myself out of bed is to go get a good breakfast at Burger King or Hardee's. I LOVE their breakfasts. They should serve them all day because that would be all I ever ordered. I could probably live off of Hardee's steak biscuits and Burger King croissants for the rest of my life. Throw in the occasional french toast and I'll be in heaven.

So I say all of that to say this - Thank goodness I decided to do this on Monday because I walk out my door to see my neighbor having a yard sale (on a Monday?). How awesome though! I don't even have to drive to it, its pretty much in my front yard! Sadly I had to leave the big crowd in front of my house to make it to Burger King because I wasn't about to pass up a croissant and the clock was ticking. I may have gotten up earlier than normal, but I slept until the last possible second.

The bad part was I missed out on two great deals. Two of the things I wanted most were snatched up. The first was a kitchen play set for Lorelei. One of the really nice ones too! It would have put our kitchen to shame. It also had a huge box full of accessories. The lady only wanted $60 for it which was a steal. The ones I've been looking at at the toy store are easily double or triple that. I walked up to the lady and asked her the price. I thought it over for a second and picked up the phone to call my husband to see if it was ok that I spend that much money and as I turned back around someone was loading it onto their truck... That sucked.. The next one was a really cute art easel. She had two. One was small and dinky. You could tell it had been used and the side with the chalk board had been written on with something other than chalk. I didn't even pay attention to that one. Then I turned around to see the good one. It was taller, it was a good sturdy easel. One side had a clean chalk board and the other had dry erase. In my mind I'm thinking homeschool - score! I noticed it just as another woman walked the owner over and asked the price. It was only $3. I wanted to cry over that one.

Here is what I did get though: 
  A stainless steel trashcan with a lid for $6 (I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but never wanted to pay the $20+ for it)
  A cover to Lorelei's changing pad on the changing table for $3. We were actually looking at buying a new one last week, but just couldn't pay $15.
  A huge set of stamping items for David's mom for $25. I'm not sure what this was worth, but I know it was worth WAY more than $25. - Actually, I just looked it up.. The set came with 10 ink pads, 6 packs of stamps 2 catalog/idea books and a bunch of accessories. The 10 ink pads alone were over $50. 1 pack of stamps cost (on the cheap end) $15. So yeah, I say good deal. Glad I found it for her.

I was happy with the turn out. Then today at lunch my husband came in and asked if I had noticed she was back out there today. Of course I went back over to say hello (and to check out what she had left and if anything else was new) but she was packing up. And then she told us to take whatever we wanted! I offered multiple times to pay her, but she refused. We got some clothes for Lorelei, a cute outdoors chair kid sized, and a few things that I can't wait for Lorelei to use when she starts homeschool. There are neat books that you can use on the TV and a hand held thing that helps you learn letters.

So shout out to our super sweet neighbors, even though they are about to move out of state. We were so blessed with this. I am so excited for Lorelei to start learning the alphabet and words and numbers. I know some of the things we were given today will help a bunch!!

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