Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm still meaning to get around to organizing my house.. I plan to start with a storage closet upstairs. I'm trying really hard to get the house clean first so that when I start to organize I don't fall behind on cleaning and then get overwhelmed like I always seem to do. The house isn't very dirty. I mean you don't have to move junk to make pathways through our house. There is just random clutter in places and our kitchen counter could use a good scrub. Also the toilets and tubs could probably use a cleaning and the floor should be mopped..
And I'm sure once I finish this list, there will be another long list of things to do.. And it doesn't help that I am so easily distracted.

Another thing I need to do is finish putting together our guest bedroom/office. My mother-in-law gave us a daybed which fits perfect, and my grandmother happened to find a desk on the side of the road. I love it! It was just like what I was wanting to buy. The only thing I want now is a file cabinet and the office part should be complete. The desk has a good size surface for spreading out coupons and binders and my computer. I will have a spot to put my printer so it isn't shoved under a counter in the kitchen area. We have a built in desk in our kitchen which is cute, but it just isn't big enough. I have a small table under it that I have my printer on and there is no space. Cords are run around it because there are no holes to run the wires through to plug it up.. I will probably use this area for mail and bills from now on. 

Well I can't even pay attention long enough to write a blog post.. I've been working on this one over an hour..

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