Thursday, June 16, 2011

time warp

So I did a little reading today. I was on myspace looking for some music and for some reason I clicked on my blog. I haven't looked at it in ages.. My last post was November of 2008.

It is so weird that I don't feel like I'm reading something I wrote. I don't remember writing these things. There were things that I talked about that I don't even remember. I talked about a lawsuit against the paper I worked for and it had to do with a story I wrote, but I honestly don't remember it. I don't remember which story it was. Maybe if I knew that I would remember, but right now I'm just clueless.

I can't write anymore. I'm just not good at it..

While reading I did read some stuff I liked... please allow me to quote myself:

"honestly, people need a wake up call...
maybe i do too. i don't know.
but if you have a conscious at all you would feel like an idiot.
you would remember all the morals and values that your parents taught you and maybe realize that knawing feeling in your stomach isn't hunger. it is you feeling like crap because you know your life is a joke."

Yeah, I made myself giggle. Just a bit. And then I wonder, where was my mind at. I was smarter back then. I read things that I would have never said today. Things that I would hear someone say and think how much of a smartie they were.. gosh, I've gotten dumb..

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