Monday, August 1, 2011

I've been keeping busy lately. I planned out a whole 11th grade curriculum because I had planned on homeschooling a friend, but it fell through. I feel very accomplished just knowing I can do such a hard curriculum and pay nothing, so now I'm more confident about planning Lorelei's younger grades when I have some money. I just hope she gets as excited about it as I do.

I've also been planning Lorelei's birthday. It has been so much fun getting everything together. We are really tight on money and it has been interesting seeing what all I can do on such a tight budget. The OCD in me is shining through. Every once in a while I just stop though and think "wow, I can't believe my little baby is about to be a year old!" Seriously, one whole year! It seems like just yesterday I was sleeping and I woke up to my water breaking. My husband was rushing around like a mad man packing up the car. The long drive to the hospital, checking in with the guards at the front gate of the base. He tried to run all the way up to labor and delivery, and I waddled right behind fussing for him to slow down, leaking a little with each step. I remember laying wanting to punch my husband who was sleeping like a little baby, and pain free at that. I remember starving and watching them eat hamburgers. I remember crying because I felt like a failure getting an epidural, but loving the epidural so much because I felt human again. I remember my mom rubbing my hair and back and starting to push. It seemed like a few minutes, but really it was an hour and a half. They handed her to me and she was perfect. She still is perfect. She wasn't one of those ugly babies, she was beautiful the second she came into the world. I just wanted to hold her forever. I was so scared to go home. I knew I could take care of her, but it is scary when the nursers aren't a button push away.

So much has happened in the past year. In a little over a year David has came home from Afghanistan, we had a baby, moved to another state with a month old baby, so many big life changes in just over a year. I can't believe now I'm sitting here planning a birthday party.

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