Friday, December 30, 2011

My 12 of 2012

So going off my last post I have made a list of 12 things to do and keep up in 2012. It may be pretty cliche, but it is stuff I honestly want to accomplish in my life. These are things I have been thinking about for a while, but having a time frame (1 year :: Jan 1- Dec 31) makes it a bit easier, maybe? So here is my refined list - 12 things in 2012

  1. Participate in at least one fiscal fast - No spending for 1 week (if I decide to do more than one, or say 1 per month, I will lessen the time to maybe 3-4 days at a time).
  2. Lose 75lbs. Like I said - cliche. But honestly, I need to lose more than that. I think the time frame is realistic.
  3. Save $1,500 ($125 a month). In total it really doesn't seem like much, but just saving $5 a month is more than we are doing now. I think I may cut this in half and save $750 and give $750. Either way I won't be just spending that $1,500 on junk.
  4. Finish Christmas shopping by Dec. 1. I know I can do this one. I almost had it done this year and then fell a little behind. 
  5. Complete the 52 Weeks of Organization ( I have a list printed and will add a picture. This will help me get my house to where I want it to be. Also take before and after pictures.
  6. Take a vacation. We haven't taken a real vacation since our honeymoon. Whether it be a family vacation, or just me and David, we need to get away!
  7. Stick to a budget. David and I have talked about making one, but we just always forget. I hope that if we make one and stick to it then it will help us with all of our other financial goals.
  8. Attend church regularly. We have finally found a church we really enjoy. I want to become active members.
  9. Sew more. Once I do that I want to sell at least one thing that I have made. Maybe if I get good enough this can be another source of income.
  10. Take more pictures. I am thinking about getting a new camera with our tax return and I want to take tons of pictures of Lorelei so she (and her kids, and grandkids) can look back on them later.
  11. Keep up the laundry. This is one of the things I'm worst about. So this one is a lot more challenging than it sounds.
  12. Read a book a month. Even if I have already read it I want to read at least one book a month. If I can accomplish this goal then next year I will make the goal of reading at least one a month that I haven't read.
So to keep me organized with all of this stuff I'm going to have going on I am putting together a binder.. I'm not sure what it is about office supplies that inspires me to organize.

I have made some different sections. I have pictured home and school, but I also have a health section, and I'm considering adding a section for the books I plan on reading this coming year. Also I should probably add a budget section.

Back to the organizing though.. I mentioned I was going to do the 52 Weeks of Organization. I will share my list so far...


I've only gotten half of the list made up, but I honestly can not think of another thing to organize.. I also see myself doing more than one of these a week. My plan is if I run out of things to do from the list, I will just start all over again and making sure everything is kept up.

Well.. I guess I'll come back here to keep myself motivated and accountable. Thanks blogger.

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