Monday, April 9, 2012

What is food?

The subject of food has been on my mind a lot lately. Being from a small town, there weren't many vegans or health nuts, or whatever you want to think of when you think of people who eat clean and healthy all. the. freaking. time. When I thought of unhealthy foods I thought of fast food hamburgers and doughnuts. Other than obvious sugars I always thought if it was sold in the grocery store it must be healthy, right?

Lately I've figured out that is definitely not the case. What is sold in our grocery stores may be what is slowly killing all of us and we are all to blind to realize it.

I learned that beginning in the 1990s, new proteins were engineered into our food supply.. ENGINEERED! Like, created in a factory. Not grown in a garden. And why was it engineered? To maximized the profits for the food industry. Are our bodies made to digest these man made proteins? If a scientist went into a lab and put some crap in a test tube and made a cheeseburger would you eat it? You say no, but you probably are. The thing is every other country has not allowed it into their food supply because it wasn't proved to be safe. America has allowed it though, because while it hasn't been proven safe, it hasn't been proven "dangerous" either. However, the hormones in this engineered protein are linked to hormones that cause different types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Knowing that it is linked to cancer is interesting when you pair it with the information that America also has the highest rate of cancer in the world! Its also interesting to know that only 1 out of 10 women who have breast cancer have it because of genetics, the other 90% have it because of environmental factors.

This video has the info that I just shared, plus a lot more. We are not a family that has allergies. We could easily eat whatever we want without having to worry about anything other than becoming fat.. The thing is though, I can't watch this and not stop to think and want to change.

I'm not one to read labels at the grocery store or wake up on a Saturday morning to go to a farmer's market, but I think its time I learn. Honestly, if I eat right, I shouldn't have to read labels.. There are no labels on the fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, eating organic will keep me from having to worry about what pesticides or synthetic materials have been engineered into my veggies.

I don't think  I will be able to wake up tomorrow and be eating like this woman, but one day I hope to be there. Slowly, but surely. We've got a pantry full of processed crap that is slowly dwindling out and won't be replaced. Our fridge will be full of fresh foods and leftovers. I only hope that I can raise my daughter to be a smart and healthy eater instead of a blind one like me.

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