Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It is almost another new year. Yesterday I started thinking about what kinds of resolutions I want to make for 2013.

I find new year's resolutions to be so cliche, but I take every opportunity to make a list... Every year though I say that if something is important enough for you to make it a resolution then you should start it whenever.. not just when January 1st roles around..

On that note I've really been focusing on myself lately. I realized I focus way too much on things that don't matter and spend too much time doing things I don't really love. It is time I spend time making myself better and enjoy life.

I started by first figuring out what was dragging me down and getting it out of my life. Whatever took too much time and used too much negative energy needed to go. Just by releasing that I already felt better and realized it was time for me.

Next I knew I need to work on my physical and mental wellness. I've been seeing a nutritionist and a therapist. Just having someone to talk to helps sometimes.

Another thing I've found that I've enjoyed lately is getting dressed up. I spend way to much sitting around the house in my pajamas. I never have any where to go so I take every opportunity to go somewhere and look nice when I go. I've looked on youtube at hair and makeup tutorials and I have been trying different things out. I also did a bit of studying on how to get the best home manicure.

And speaking of studying, I am slowly but surely getting my degree. I love that by going to college online I move at my own pace. Its not so much that I get overwhelmed, but not so little that its nothing.

On top of all of that a clean house makes me feel good. I've started using new cleaning products too that are chemical free and better for the environment. You know what else is awesome... when your house smells good.

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