Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye junk!

Today has been crazy and different. My mom is in town which always makes our daily routine different, not in a bad way. We had to get up super early this morning to take Lorelei to the hospital for a follow up on her finger.

After the hospital trip I had the motivation to finish organizing toys that I had taken out of Lorelei's room and post them online to sell locally. I really didn't expect much, but within a few minutes I had a ton of replies. This is making me feel awesome since I listed a bouncy seat yesterday for $15 and it sold within about 10 minutes.. No one even tried to talk me down on the price.

Again, with our crazy out of the ordinary routine today I laid in the bed with Lorelei at nap time and fell right to sleep with her. I woke up to tons of texts, messages on Facebook, and even a few calls from people trying to buy my stuff. If I wasn't so excited I may have been completely overwhelmed and quit. Believe it or not, the first thing that sold was a big bag full of random junk. I got tired of organizing and wasn't sure how to categorize a bunch of the stuff so I put it all in a bug tub and took a picture and asked $5 for the lot. Tomorrow I am meeting up with at least 3 more people to get rid of most of the rest of it.

This makes me feel so good because it is just stuff that has been getting in the way. It has been in the top of Lorelei's closet for months now doing nothing. I couldn't have even told you what was up there before yesterday. Hopefully I can keep this going with other rooms in my house.

Oh, and some good news is that my mom must have been really motivated during nap time. I woke up and most of the laundry was washed and folded, just needs to be put up. This would have taken me days!

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