Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am feeling good today. I went to bed early last night, like 8 o'clock early, because I've been feeling so drained and an almost 5 hour ER visit didn't help. Lorelei woke up at 6 and pulled the bandages off her finger and started screaming so I woke up and reapplied the bandage to her hand and decided to just stay up. That didn't last long because after I did a few simple chores downstairs and ate breakfast I crashed on the sofa until Lorelei woke back up around 10. Once that happened I started moving though. I've been working on laundry and cleaning my bedroom.

Here is my list from yesterday:
1. Complete at least one load of laundry and put all laundry away.
2. Clean the master bedroom and bathroom, wash the bed sheets.
3. Declutter the desk that is downstairs.
4. Vacuum the hallway upstairs.
5. Clean Lorelei's room.

1. Done, plus some. I put away I don't know how many already done loads from my room, and washing more that I started yesterday during our finger accident. and now my sheets are in there.
2. Bedroom is clean except for a few folded clothes on the bed and the fact that there are no sheets.. I still need to tidy up my dresser too now that I think about it.. The bathroom floor is clean as is the toilet and tub, but the counter and sinks need to be cleaned.
3. Done yesterday.
4. Done last night after I contemplated not doing it... Glad I did though.
5. Done yesterday.

Today I also took two huge tubs of toys out of Lorelei's closet. They've just been taking up space for months. I'm trying to going through it and separate it all and sell it. Its made a mess of the office for now. Hopefully I can finish it tonight because my mom is here and plans to sleep in that room.

All in all I feel like I've got a lot done today. I wasn't freaking out when my mom said she was coming to visit which is what I usually do because that means a major clean. I just cleaned my bedroom, which is usually the room I leave for last when she is coming.

Hopefully I can keep this up and make a new list to accomplish..

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