Sunday, May 26, 2013

Messy mini me

I feel really good about how I've been doing so far. All it is is doing dishes, but I've been keeping up. Now its more that I just want to keep it done, and it has been easy since its just a little. I usually get to a point where it is so much I avoid it. Then, because I avoided it, it is a huge mess that is like a mountain. I think tomorrow if I have the energy I am going to work on cleaning the master bedroom. Once I do that I feel that it will be a nice start to my new daily task, making the bed.

My life will feel so much better once this one room is clean. I will go to sleep peacefully knowing I'm not surrounded by clutter, and I will wake up just as peaceful. I also won't have to worry about all the stuff Lorelei tries to grab when I'm asleep. She likes to poke around before she wakes me up. One day I want to wake up before her.

She is so sneaky though, always getting into stuff! This morning I woke up to the hot curlers (not hot) opened up and they were all over my bedroom floor. Thank goodness I didn't step on one! Bad habit call out though, they are still laying there. She grabs stuff off the countertops downstairs when no one is looking. It always seems to be something messy too. She's ruined a cake, spilt at least two boxes of instant potatoes, and a whole can of meringue powder. Just today while she was supposed to be napping she snuck into the office, found a box of art supplies, and dumped glitter all over the place. I really hope that once I get this place cleaned up there will be a lot less for her to get into. The things I mentioned were pretty much unavoidable except the potato buds, they should have been put away, but I will still feel better with a clean house. 

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