Saturday, June 1, 2013

Get ready..

I am noticing something that I really don't want to admit to. Some spots in my house need to be decluttered, and re-decluttered often. For example, I decluttered a desk the other day. It is this pesky built in desk. Its not big enough to actually use with a computer, even though I've tried in the past. If I add a printer it takes up almost the whole desktop, but I can't put anything under the desk because there is no way to plug it in without running ugly cords in super visible places.

Now because I can't actually use this desk for its purpose it has become a catch-all. All the internet modems are over there, which is ok, but there is also my camera, a bunch of papers, random art stuff.. Just a bunch of junk that when I "clean" it I push around and pretend that everything belongs. It doesn't. I know I just had this chore on my list last week, but this week I am going to put it back on the list, and do a better job. I'm thinking about adding a folder or file to add mail so that it can be contained. Also a box could contain all the modems and make it look a little more pleasing visually.

Another thing that has been on my mind lately is couponing while I declutter and clean my house. I feel that it is time to step back a little. This amazing hobby is something that I feel so blessed to do. It has provided for me in times when I felt that I had nothing else, but after cleaning my pantry the other night I noticed that I am well provided for right now, thanks to coupons of course. I noticed I can step back for a while and not have to do without. I will still grocery shop, but focus more on meats, fruit,  vegetables, and dairy. I still plan to buy newspapers to get coupons, but I think instead of buying 4, I will only buy 2. This way if there is a really great deal that I feel that I can't pass up I can get it. I also use the coupons to buy my normal groceries, including the staples that I will still be buying while I stop keeping a running stock.

Another reason I am doing this, the whole decluttering and cutting down my stock, is because I have no idea when we will move again. We are a military family and have lived in this house on base for 2.5 years. That is almost unheard of for the military. Any day we could get a call with orders to move across the country, and when that happens I want to be ready. I'm not packing up or anything, but decluttering the junk will make it easier to take care of what is important. And by using the food we have and not buying extra I won't have to haul or give away too much.

I will be honest, I have become quite attached to this place. This is the only home my daughter has ever known, we moved here when she was just a couple of months old. It is a great house with lots of storage, but in that it has been a house that has allowed me to collect a lot of junk. I doubt we will get a house as great as this when we move, we will probably be downsizing, so I want to downsize my junk before that time comes. In reality I would give myself a year to do all that I want to do. In a year I could pace myself and go through everything, but I don't have a year. I don't even know if I have 2 or 3 months. I just need to get ready.

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