Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here's a list..

Well, I still haven't gotten too much done today. I guess I'm putting it off until I'm ready to go to bed, which should be now since its about 11pm. Instead I'm up about to play Call of Duty.

Here's what I've done...
  • Made bed
  • Emptied Dishwasher
  • brought dirty clothes and vacuum downstairs
  • washed clothes
  • cleaned out the vacuum and set out to dry (11pm and still not completely dry)
  • reloaded dishwasher throughout the day (dirty stuff leftover now from when I was gone and husband cooked dinner for toddler)
  • 5 min pickup (I didn't time it actually, just picked up all the toys)
Here's what I need to do before bed...
  • Clean up mess from cake class tonight
  • reload dishwasher and run it
  • pick up trash from tonight
  • vacuum
  • finish the load of laundry I've been working on all day

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