Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skip the cleaning, time to declutter

Not much cleaning has happened today, but I did declutter a small area that seemed really big to me.

Under the bathroom sink..

To be honest though, I'm only halfway done. There are 3 areas... under my husband's side, under my side, and the three drawers in the middle.

I've done two of the three drawers, leaving only my husbands drawer. I also did under my husbands side since his side holds all the junk while mine just houses towels.

I pulled everything out from under his side and Its crazy how much random crap was under there. I went against my gut and threw away a bunch of half used shampoo bottles that got forgotten when we moved or whenever I found a different brand I liked better. I also have a basket full of stuff that needs to go to its actual home somewhere else. Most of it is full bottles of stuff that can go in my stockpile or baby stuff that can go into Lorelei's bathroom.

So it feels good to have the stuff out of that cabinet, but I still need to go get a trash bag for all the trash, and I need to put away the stuff in the basket.

I should really start taking some before and after pictures too.

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