Monday, June 3, 2013

This is a relief.

Something amazing happened today. My mom called and said she was coming to visit. I know, she was just here two days ago, but I didn't have a heart attack when she said she was coming.

Usually when she is coming I spend the whole day before, or day of, cleaning like a mad woman. Usually when she gets here, it still isn't done and looks like crap. She's my mom and isn't scared to say so about it being bad. Usually within a couple of days of her leaving it is back to disaster because I know it will be a while before she comes to visit again. She lives just close enough to visit for the day, but too far to do it often. Its about a two hour drive.

So today she called around lunchtime and told me she planned on coming for dinner with a friend. Her cleaning friend. And I just said ok and laid back down for my nap with Lorelei. I didn't freak out about cleaning a single thing. I will probably tidy up before she gets here, but its probably nothing more than I would have already done today anyways. It feels so good to just say ok, see you when you get here. Its so nice to not freak out and do a marathon clean in a couple of hours.

So now instead of scrubbing, I'm going to sit on my sofa and play a little bit of Call of Duty, because that is my guilty pleasure. And I believe I will enjoy some ice cream with that..

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