Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

So there isn't much more time until the new year. My mom is here to babysit so we can go watch a movie. I believe we will be watching "Little Fockers." The first two were pretty funny so lets hope this movie is just as good.

I've never done the resolution thing. I think that if it is important enough to make a resolution then you might as well already be doing it. I do have a lot of things that I have resolved to do to make my life better, but they aren't for the new year, its from now on out...

  • save more money - this one is hard. I'm pretty sure every pair of pants I own has a hole burnt in the pockets.
  • be more creative - I have taken sewing and knitting back up in the past few weeks and it makes me feel so accomplished. I don't know what it is about it that makes me feel better about myself.
  • be a good mama - I want to make sure my little sweet pea has a fun first year and I want her little noggin to grow. It is my responsibility to make sure that happens.
  • be a better wife - I've looked into "The Love Dare" and I'm considering trying it. It seems like something that will really work. If I do it, I will be sure to keep you all updated.
So here's to a new beginning. I'm about to cook for my family and then go party as much as my un-partying self can party.. See you next year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Attempts at being frugal

I haven't been able to get a thing done around here lately because I have had a fussy and clingy baby. She is now sleeping peacefully in her swing so instead of cleaning, here I am typing away to you...

I'm going to show you how that I am not all talk, I actually did some of the things I talked about in my last post. First of all, I already use cloth diapers, and I love them!! In fact I have been stalking my mailman for the past few weeks waiting on a pink diaper to come in the mail. I got an email yesterday that the lady lost it at her house and she was just sending it out so I'm giving the mailbox a break for a couple of days, then back to stalking.

Here is my tired little sweet pea at one of her first doctor appointments. She was a week or two old here. It is amazing how tiny she looks but she was a chunky 9lb baby. She is wearing a Nubunz diaper.

Next, I washed my hair with "no poo." I just used one tablespoon of baking soda and added just enough water to make it into a paste. I rubbed it into my scalp, which honestly took longer than I expected, but it felt nice. I made sure to rinse well, and would have used the apple cider vinegar, but I don't have any so maybe I'll try that later. I read somewhere not to use the vinegar with every wash so I thought I was fine, but I felt like my hair was missing something afterwards... or maybe I just didn't wash it thoroughly enough. In the end my hair was soft and I had less dandruff, but it felt dirty sooner than with regular shampoo so I will have to try this again because I think it was something wrong with the user, not the product.

There you go.. a nice look at my ear. Really though, here is my hair after the "no poo" treatment. It looks a little less frizzy than normal. It was soft and less dandruff.

Lastly, I broke out the sewing machine and made myself some unpaper towels. My husband agreed that if they were as soft as Viva towels then he would consider using them. I chose a brown fabric that felt a bit like suede to make sure they were extra soft. I almost used minky, but it was a bit (well, almost 3 times) more expensive I have made maybe 6 so far and I have some scrap fabric from old diaper projects that I will use to make more. I can't wait to see if he will use them, or even if I will use them. We will see.

Here they are.. my unpaper towels. Very soft and hopefully will save some money. Also note the cute bag they are sitting on. They were offered at JoAnn's for about $2 and they are re-usable shopping bags. It is really big and really cute! More than enough space to hold any fabric, yard or materials that I will buy at JoAnn's! The bag alone made me want to go back and buy more just so I could fill it up!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

No Poo

I have wanted a White Christmas my entire life, but it has never happened. I was ok with that. We live in Georgia, we hardly know what cold is. My little sweet pea got snow her first Christmas. Snowballs flew everywhere.. Her daddy got hit in the eye and uncle got hit in the forehead. I missed it but I'm sure it will be talked about from now on. And who said global warming was real?

Have you ever seen a picture of a REAL snowflake? I always thought they were just globs of ice, not anything like drawings of snowflakes, but no, they are just like those unreal looking snowflakes.. just beautiful.

I have never been much for all natural type stuff.. organic doesn't impress me and I have never taken the time to sort and recycle. Maybe that's not something to be proud of, I don't know. I don't litter and dump harmful chemicals into the ocean, I just don't go out of my way to do more...

That is until now...

I've got to say that using cloth diapers have opened my eyes to so many other things. A lot of natural things are not only better for the environment but they are better for you and your wallet.. ( I hate the "your wallet" line but it just fit). 

Lets start with cloth diapers. I will never run out of diapers. Ever. I bought one size diapers and they will fit my daughter until she is ready to potty train. I spent at the most $200 for my entire stash. I could even make or buy wipes but I found it easier for me to just use huggies. I do get the "natural" ones. I think they smell really good.

They even make feminine products. I can't imagine washing them even though I'm sure its a breeze, as is cloth diapers, but it is just one nasty line that I am not willing to cross. I must say though from what I've seen they are really cute, and it would be so nice if I didn't have to buy any more ever month or so.

Next is something I've been wanting to try: its called "No Poo." I first read about it because the title caught my eye.. Don't ask me why I was attracted to the title "No Poo" but once I read about it I became really interested. It is a homemade mixture to use instead of shampoo. I figured it'd be difficult like the homemade baby formula, but all it is is baking soda and water. I have heard that after using it that women's hair has been better than ever before. They have had no more problems with greasy or oily hair and it is just all around healthier. Along with the ease of it, just imagine how much money you would save if you didn't have to buy shampoo anymore. Just a tablespoon of baking soda and a little bit of water whenever you washed. I won't go into details and just give you a link

Along with cloth diapers I'm considering dumping the paper towels and using some un-paper towels. They are exactly what they sound like. Hand towels used in the kitchen, or all around the house, but instead of buying a roll of paper towels every week you just throw them in the wash. The more I look into these the more I like. Plus its another something to hang on my clothes line once it gets warm again. (for the time they line is in front of the window in my daughters room. where it gets the most light)

I've got to stop now. The more I type the more I want to go dig out my sewing machine. I will be going to Joanns this week I believe!

Friday, December 24, 2010

bah humbug

So I'm pretty sure its not Christmas Eve.. It doesn't feel like it.. It feels more like, uhm.. any other day in any other month having nothing to do with Christmas or cheer. I've just wanted to sit alone in my room and cry and watch Gilmore Girls (note last post). I have never felt like less of a member of my own family as I did today. I felt forgotten and unimportant..

This past week I have worked on making a matching hat/scarf set to take with me to my family Christmas gathering for our white elephant party. They decided years ago that we would no longer buy each other gifts because it is just getting too expensive, so we bring something in a certain price range and open/trade and then end up with some random crap gift that sits around our house and possibly put in next years white elephant stash. So I made this beautiful set. It was a brown/green color with hints of burgundy and teal... I was really proud of it. I figured that everyone loves handmade gifts and that they would like it... but no, it was the crap gift that no one wanted... it was one of the most unwanted next to the crank radio.

Oh, and not to mention that David, Lorelei and I sat to the side watching everyone exchange a lot of gifts with each other. We did get something.. but it was the small stuff that people get for the random guests so they won't feel left out.

Alright, I know Christmas is not about gifts. There have been Christmas's in the past that pretty much all I got was a jacket and some underwear, but I spent it with my family and I was happy. This year I sit in the corner and get the sympathy gift. I'm seriously considering not even going next year so that I won't leave feeling upset.

On the bright side, the white elephant gift was a bag of starbucks coffee and a starbucks giftcard. And one of my favorite gifts so far was from my husband's cousin's wife. I'm not sure if they have a specific name for that type of "in-law" but anyways, she gave me a headband that she crocheted for Lorelei. It was in some of my favorite colors. the band was gray with a purple flower with a black center. Its so cute, and like I said earlier, handmade gifts are the best.

Well, tomorrow is my daughter's first Christmas and I will be sure to make it a good one. Even if I do have to wake up at 5am to watch my sister-in-law open gifts, Lorelei will be the cutest little Christmas baby anyone has ever seen.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

there is nothing like a family to screw up a family

Its almost Christmas and my Christmas spirit has almost ran dry. Uhm.. thanks family..

Let me tell you about something... A middle aged man I met at the dentist knew way too much about the name Lorelei.. Yes, I did get it from Gilmore Girls. I usually don't agree with naming babies after a TV show or movie, but there is something about this name. To me it is a strong and classic name. When I think of this name I think of someone who is smart and witty, someone who can stand on their own two feet and is kind, who is brave and beautiful. Everything I would ever want in a daughter I think of when I think of this name.

David picks on me for being obsessed with this show, and maybe I am... I guess it is my escape from reality.. I'm proud of my complete DVD collection and large knowledge of quotes and info.. I'm by no means a Gilmore Girls "trekie" but I have watched each episode multiple times and while I may not remember details of my own life, I can tell you what happened in which episode. Plus this is my go-to show.. if I'm in a horrible mood or feeling sick, I lay in bed and watch this show. If it is late and I can't sleep I pop in the DVD and drift away.. Don't pick fun, please.

On to a less pathetic part of my life.. or maybe not.. I have been attempting to bake a lot lately.. I don't know where my sudden urge to cook came from but I guess I just need some more flavor in my life.. the hamburger helper and cresent rolls just isn't doing it for me.. So like I said in an older post, I tried to make honeycomb brittle... FAIL..

I ended up making a couple of dozen sugar cookies and a bunch of these little rice crispy treats with pretty frosting and sprinkles. I put them in pretty Christmas bags with snowmen and penguins and gathered them all together so that I could bring them to town for Christmas.. So my husband and I make the 2 hour drive down and after unloading the car I realize that the bag of goodies is still sitting on my kitchen counter.. 100 miles away...

Alright, so my family could be doing better... my Christmas goodies are obviously not meant to be, and my mood leaves a lot to be desired, but I know I am thankful for something...
  • Lorelei's first Christmas is almost here
  • Toys for Tots gave us a few things to give her
  • We found the perfect toys for her at Target too.
  • There is a pink Bumgenius diaper on its way to me right now
  • Even though it wasn't much, there was a lot of stuff under our Christmas tree this year
  • It is almost 12 and my daughter is sleeping soundly


Sunday, December 12, 2010

its taking over..

The Christmas spirit is taking over me. I've got some gingerbread cookies to bake for tomorrow, I've got presents wrapped and under the tree and I've watched a Christmas movie everyday for the past week. We watched 4 today I believe. I've even dressed Lorelei in a Classic Pooh Christmas outfit..

I've been in such a cooking mood lately. I really wish someone would come in and takeover my kichen knowledge and show me how to cook with some flavor and some healthy stuff. I cooked some green beans that weren't in a can and was proud of myself. Looking back on it, they were just green beans (and honestly they needed some salt.) I love brocoli and there are so many recipes that make my mouth water that include it but I can never cook them because my husband hates it. I really think he'd like it if he'd try but he just says he doesn't.

Speaking of my husband.. We do some random things when we're bored. A few days ago while watching one of our favorite shows, Mythbusters, my husband decided that he was going to make a paper clip float. Who knew it was possible, but I assure yout it is!

That last picture was hard to take, but there you go, a paper clip floating!

and now its my bedtime!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Im thankful for...

My baking career was incredibly short lived. It was truely pathetic. I attempted to make honeycomb brittle four times.. FOUR times.. and not even one time did it work.. Martha Stewart made it seem so easy. Then I attempted fudge twice.. two different recipes. Neither of those worked either.. I am craving something sweet and nothing is working.. I give up. I'm going to go see if the red light is on and get some doughnuts.

What's even more pathetic is that I know the red light isn't on.. I know what time it is on everyday.. I was hoping to give baked goods as Christmas presents this year but I guess that won't do..

I have, however, finally found gifts for Lorelei. I am happy with my finds. I have been avoiding bulky plastic toys but I found one of those bench things with the hammer like I had when I was younger. I also got a thing where you stack the rings, but instead of big plastic rings I found one that had cloth and wooden rings and they are really pretty colors.

As much as I want to complain and rant about the millions of things on my mind I will stop myself and will say something nice:

I am thankful for...
the sleeping baby in the crib in the next room
the beautifully lit Christmas tree infront of me
the list of Christmas movies on my DVR
and the fact that my husband is sitting right beside me.. this time last year I was saying goodbye.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I have so much I've wanted to share lately but it is so hard to keep up a blog when the only internet you have is on your phone... I want to tell you all about cloth laundry, a bit of christmas decorating, and what my husband does after we watch too much of mythbusters..

Until then I will just have to share this... I cried like a baby while reading this.. the name of this blog is so perfect.. truely was Gods protection