Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lesson for today:

NOTHING is ever safe online. Your opinion isn't safe. This isn't safe. Your feelings aren't safe. And even if you apologize for stating an opinion or your feelings it won't matter.

I said some things earlier that I didn't think were a big deal in a public forum. I was frustrated with a situation so I just did a short vent. I got all kinds of "wows" and "I sure hope this is a joke" like what I said was really that outrageous. Maybe it was, but I made sure to explain... like it matters.

I found myself apologizing when I probably really didn't need to apologize, and explaining myself over and over.

The worst part is that people I had really come to respect were the ones who turned on me and bashed my opinion/vent. Instead of the "sorry you're having a hard time" or just not saying anything I get bashed. Again and again. I can't delete it because then I'll get bashed for that. I can't call them out on it because then I'll get bashed for that. Even though all I really want to say is "I respected you and you can't even be the least bit understanding..." it just kinda hurts.

So here I am on my blog, that hardly anyone knows about. I just want to curl up in a ball and sit in a corner and cry.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thinking about a birthday!

I have had so much going on lately, but at the same time nothing at all.

My mind runs a million miles a minute. All the things I want to do, need to do, have to do. I've become a bit of a home-body lately. Just keeping the house clean and Lorelei happy seems to take up all of my time. It really isn't as easy as it seems. Couponing is seeming to hit the back burner. I want to keep it up, but it is getting to be such a challenge just to get the coupons. Once I get them I have to find decent sales, which are few and far between nowadays. Once I get all of that done I have to have money to go. I know I'm not spending much, but lately even $5 is hard to come by.

So what is going through my head... how else can we save on money? What are things I'm willing to give up and no willing to give on?
TV - one of my only means of entertainment... keeping it
Phone - I live 2 hours from my family.. NEED..
Insurance - definitely need.
Truck - ugh, I hate this payment, but it seems like it isn't going anywhere..
Uhm, can't think of any other bills that I can do anything about. I coupon when I grocery shop and I don't spend much on groceries. We hardly go out to eat anymore, probably more than we should, but seriously not much. We can't change our electric bill or anything like that. We live on a military base and our rent/utilities and everything are included. We only have to pay for TV/Phone/Internet. I don't even pay for internet, we use our neighbors for free. We are in such a rut.

No more complaining about that...

I've also been busy planning a little girl's first birthday party. Can you believe Lorelei is almost ONE YEAR OLD!!! I can hardly stand it! I can't decide on a theme. I want something bright and colorful and girly. I was thinking tea party, but I'm not sure how to make that into a baby theme. Its not like Lorelei can pick up a cup and sip tea. Here is my inspiration so far.

Definitely not this long, or this many layers, but I like the idea of doing the rainbow inside. I would probably pick out colors like violet, teal, pink, mustard, olive, orange... not the regular red, blue, yellow.

I love how colorful this is! I like the cupcakes on the cake plates and the little boxes and... let me stop myself.. I just realized I was about to list everything on this list.. The only thing I would change is I would make the balloons more colorful instead of just red and green. The rest of the decor is so colorful!

I also love EVERYTHING in this. The cake platter, the pinwheels, the picture frame... EVERYTHING!

I need help planning!