Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

It doesn't even feel like Halloween over here. Our daughter is with grandma for the weekend and isn't coming home until tomorrow, so we have time alone. Next year though Halloween will be much better because Lorelei will actually be able to participate in Halloween hopefully.

So today I'm going to the gym to talk to a nutritionist. I am so blessed to be a military wife and have free access to a great gym as well as the nutritionist and personal trainer. I definitely plan on taking advantage of it.

That is all for today :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Steps in the right direction

I have found that the problem with Oprah is not Oprah. It is all of the people who take it over the top like they can be with other things. Oprah does not do what she does to gain notoriety or praise. She does it because its the right thing to do. She does it to see that look on the other persons face and the joy in their hearts.

I really do miss her talk show, but her new show on her network is by far my favorite. It is one on one for the most part and she just teaches the lessons she has learned throughout her life. She teaches about bringing joy into your life and everyone else's, and how to be your best you. One of my favorite things that she seems to stress is that "you are worthy."  In every way she can think to say it she lets everyone know they have a purpose, a reason, and they are worthy of all good things.

Oprah, thank you for sharing your happy moments with me. Thank you for giving me something to ugly cry about. Thank you for inspiring me to pass it on.

I have been trying to take some positive steps forward lately. I have started a "diet." I really don't even like to call it that, its more of a lifestyle change. A diet seems temporary, and I'd like to lose weight and keep it off.. I'm not sure how I've been doing, it has only been a week. I have exercised every day though, even if it was something short and simple. I found an app for my phone called "myfitnesspal" and it has really helped me keep it in mind and keep up with what I have eaten. When I think about eating, even something small, I think "do I want to take the time to log this, and will I be happy with how many calories show up?" Sadly, sometimes my laziness of not wanting to log will keep me from eating. Though, maybe its a good thing.

The second good thing I have done lately has been to sign up for an online college. I am really excited about this. I haven't said much about it because I don't want to jinx it, but its going in the right direction so here I am talking about it. I plan to get an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Its not my first choice in a degree, but the way this one will work out will be good since I don't really plan on getting a job anytime soon. I plan on homeschooling Lorelei, so this will help with that. If it comes down to it and I need a job, I will have a degree. Maybe one day I will decide to go back and get the degree I really want. The good thing about this one is that I will hardly have to pay a thing because I'm a military wife. The school mails me everything I need and I do all of the work here at home on my computer, or heck, I can do it at McDonald's or the book store, or where ever I can get online. But because I have a 1 year old and also baby sit, I doubt I really get out much.