Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year, New goals

I can't believe it is 2013 already. Didn't 2012 just start? I didn't do all the things I wanted to get done, but that is alright..

I hate to think of "resolutions," but its nice to think that today our slate is wiped clean from last year and we have a fresh start. Sometimes a fresh start is just what we need to do better.

I've taken the past few days to think about what I wanted to do last year, why I didn't accomplish everything, and what I can do better this year.

  • I want to become better at managing money. We will be paying off one vehicle this year, which feels like a really big deal to us. We just recently bought a new car so that extra money we will have from paying one car off, will go to the new one. I am comfortable with this though because we really needed a new vehicle, and we are saving in gas and upkeep. We plan to get some debt paid too.
  • I want to do better keeping up the house. I plan to declutter. Hopefully I can sell things online and make some extra cash to help me with my first goal. I hope that with less clutter I will feel more at peace in my home.
  • More activities. I think if we have a few simple things to do away from the house we will be happier. I have already signed Lorelei up for a tumbling class. I hope she can make some friends and have fun.
  • This is similar to my first goal, but I hope to keep up with couponing and meal planning. Couponing is something I enjoy that also can help me save money.
Well, that is all I can think of at the moment. I am constantly creating new goals for myself though. Anything that is important enough doesn't have to wait for a certain date.