Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So we did something crazy.
We sold my husband's paid for truck. We have been paying on it since we got married 4 years ago, and it was barely paid off, but we sold it.
I think everyone thinks we are stupid, but I'd rather be getting out of debt than be a two car family. I have a new car and we are going to use some of the money made off the truck to buy a motorcycle. Cheaper insurance and more than double the MPG.
With the rest of the money we are paying off some debt. Freeing up hundreds of dollars in bills every month. I think I'll raise the grocery budget $50 per paycheck and put a little in savings each month..

It feels amazing.

I'm going to be honest, for the past few months I get sick whenever I have to check our bank account. Literally sick feeling. My chest gets all tight and my heart starts to beat faster. I have mini panic attacks every time I go to log into the mobile banking app. Even when I know there will be some money in there, I still freak out. Its horrible.

This is the end of that.

I won't let this happen again. I've taken the time to right down our budget over and over. Do the math dozens of times and figure out where every penny is going. We have extra now, which hasn't happened before. Its not very much, but its more than nothing. Its more than praying some miracle happens and the bills get paid.. I have cut back on a lot this year to save money.. So lets take a look..

First I started couponing again. Our budget when from around $150-200 to a strict $100, usually less. Thats at least $100 per paycheck I was saving (but still drowning). Now I plan to raise it back up to $150, no higher.

The next thing I did to save was to cut out our cable. We were paying $70 a month for cable. We cut it off and got netflix and hulu instead. Together that costs $16, saving $54 a month. I'm really happy with it too.. I actually watch way more tv than before, which might not be a good thing. My point is, I find plenty of stuff to watch and I don't miss cable!

We've stayed home. We rarely do anything and are homebodies. We use to occasionally go the aquarium or something, but we just haven't been able to. Cutting all of that out has saved us on gas and the admission, but its been really boring. I don't plan on going crazy and going out all the time, but I'd really like to do something!

Another thing I haven't done that I really want to do is take advantage of the drop in daycare on base. I think it would do a lot for my sanity to get some alone time each week. Its only $4 an hour so it won't kill my budget to use it occasionally.

That's it for now.. I need to find other ways to save.