Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye junk!

Today has been crazy and different. My mom is in town which always makes our daily routine different, not in a bad way. We had to get up super early this morning to take Lorelei to the hospital for a follow up on her finger.

After the hospital trip I had the motivation to finish organizing toys that I had taken out of Lorelei's room and post them online to sell locally. I really didn't expect much, but within a few minutes I had a ton of replies. This is making me feel awesome since I listed a bouncy seat yesterday for $15 and it sold within about 10 minutes.. No one even tried to talk me down on the price.

Again, with our crazy out of the ordinary routine today I laid in the bed with Lorelei at nap time and fell right to sleep with her. I woke up to tons of texts, messages on Facebook, and even a few calls from people trying to buy my stuff. If I wasn't so excited I may have been completely overwhelmed and quit. Believe it or not, the first thing that sold was a big bag full of random junk. I got tired of organizing and wasn't sure how to categorize a bunch of the stuff so I put it all in a bug tub and took a picture and asked $5 for the lot. Tomorrow I am meeting up with at least 3 more people to get rid of most of the rest of it.

This makes me feel so good because it is just stuff that has been getting in the way. It has been in the top of Lorelei's closet for months now doing nothing. I couldn't have even told you what was up there before yesterday. Hopefully I can keep this going with other rooms in my house.

Oh, and some good news is that my mom must have been really motivated during nap time. I woke up and most of the laundry was washed and folded, just needs to be put up. This would have taken me days!

Why do I?

Why do I do this to myself so often? After doing so well last night too... It is 1:30 in the morning. I'm at a point in cleaning out my pantry that I can't just stop, but it is starting to get overwhelming. Actually, it got overwhelming a while ago and I kept going. Now I have boxes all over my floor and stuff crowding my countertops that I don't want back in the pantry, but I'm not sure where else to put it either.

Here is my problem... I started couponing. Really, its an amazing hobby I picked up. It has saved my family thousands since I started 2.5 years ago, but my pantry is loaded. The ironic thing about this too is that I HATE cooking. However, it is comforting to know that I could go without grocery shopping for a month or more and be set on food. I thought this before I went through my pantry, but know I'm certain. I also have maybe 15 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup.. I don't like Cream of Mushroom, I prefer Cream of Chicken, which I only had maybe 5 of. I guess I can make do.

Here is the exciting part though... I can see my pantry floor. I also made space for my cake decorating supplies. Another awesome thing that I didn't find hardly any expired food... (( I didn't check the 10 boxes of pasta =/ ))

So now I need to decide should I just get as much as I can in the next half hour and call it a night, since I need to be up by 8, or should I just push it all to the side and say screw it? Pulling an all nighter is also an option, but not a good one.

I think I'll give myself until 2 and be done.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am feeling good today. I went to bed early last night, like 8 o'clock early, because I've been feeling so drained and an almost 5 hour ER visit didn't help. Lorelei woke up at 6 and pulled the bandages off her finger and started screaming so I woke up and reapplied the bandage to her hand and decided to just stay up. That didn't last long because after I did a few simple chores downstairs and ate breakfast I crashed on the sofa until Lorelei woke back up around 10. Once that happened I started moving though. I've been working on laundry and cleaning my bedroom.

Here is my list from yesterday:
1. Complete at least one load of laundry and put all laundry away.
2. Clean the master bedroom and bathroom, wash the bed sheets.
3. Declutter the desk that is downstairs.
4. Vacuum the hallway upstairs.
5. Clean Lorelei's room.

1. Done, plus some. I put away I don't know how many already done loads from my room, and washing more that I started yesterday during our finger accident. and now my sheets are in there.
2. Bedroom is clean except for a few folded clothes on the bed and the fact that there are no sheets.. I still need to tidy up my dresser too now that I think about it.. The bathroom floor is clean as is the toilet and tub, but the counter and sinks need to be cleaned.
3. Done yesterday.
4. Done last night after I contemplated not doing it... Glad I did though.
5. Done yesterday.

Today I also took two huge tubs of toys out of Lorelei's closet. They've just been taking up space for months. I'm trying to going through it and separate it all and sell it. Its made a mess of the office for now. Hopefully I can finish it tonight because my mom is here and plans to sleep in that room.

All in all I feel like I've got a lot done today. I wasn't freaking out when my mom said she was coming to visit which is what I usually do because that means a major clean. I just cleaned my bedroom, which is usually the room I leave for last when she is coming.

Hopefully I can keep this up and make a new list to accomplish..

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today I decided to make a list of at least 5 things I wanted to accomplish on top of my daily task of doing dishes.

1. Complete at least one load of laundry and put all laundry away.
2. Clean the master bedroom and bathroom, wash the bed sheets.
3. Declutter the desk that is downstairs.
4. Vacuum the hallway upstairs.
5. Clean Lorelei's room.

So this morning I was up early. Actually I never fully went to bed last night so I gave up around 5:30am and just started my day. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. I had a few things to eat and I put the dishes away as I dirtied them. Then I cleaned off the desk, its not perfect, but its going to take some more creative thinking for me to finish because there are wires and stuff that I don't know how to hide. Next I cleaned out the downstairs closet. This wasn't on my list, but I'm glad I did it. While I was doing that Lorelei waked up and decided to help.

It felt nice letting her help me instead of pushing her out of the way. The house wasn't a complete disaster so I didn't have to worry about her messing much up. I decided once we finished that and I got her something to eat that we should tackle her room.

Her room was fairly easy as I expected. It was around 10:30 - 11 by the time we got to it and I wanted to finish completely by nap time. I went through her drawers and pulled out what didn't fit. Her drawers are mostly empty because I suck at laundry so most are dirty, and she likes to pull everything into the floor anyways, so clean stuff ends up in the dirty pile, which is now all in my laundry room. And by the way, by this time I was on my second load of laundry, none folded yet though.

So I was working on this while she was sitting nearby watching Cars 2. She loves Pixar movies, and I can't say that I blame her. I pulled stuff out of her closet floor that has been there since we've moved in. I'm pretty sure I'm going to list it on the facebook yard sale page. Once the closet floor was clean, trash was picked up, clothes organized better, and the few toys she has in there were in their place I decided to go ahead and vacuum, and then let her lay down for her name.

She always has the most fun when I vacuum. She pretends to be scared of it, but I know she's not. She jumps up on to her bed as if she is trying to get away, and then when she thinks its out of the way she runs to the rocking chair and jumps up on it. She did that back and forth ten or more times today. She started getting braver about it and eventually she ran to her closet, which was now full of clutter so she could walk right in. I was in the very last corner of the room when she ran into the closet and slammed the sliding door behind her. It was loud, even over the already loud vacuum, but I heard her start screaming.

I picked her up and held her tight, because that was what my mama instincts tell me to do. We sat right down in her rocking chair and I tried to calm her down, but it wasn't working. I pulled her away and looked at her hand and caught a glimpse of my shirt covered in blood. I looked at the floor, which also had blood on it. I ran with her to the bathroom and was rinsing it off, thinking no big deal, just a little blood, but then once it was clean I saw it.. It was gross. (Warning: Nasty picture ahead)

So at first I wasn't sure if I was just overreacting, because I'm a mom and I tend to do that with baby cuts and bruises. I called my mom and asked her what she thought. Should I bandage it up or take her to the ER? Then I called the medical clinic we go to and they had no openings so we just went to the ER. Thankfully nothing was broken, but it definitely needed stitches. She also got a splint to keep it safe. It was a really simple and quick procedure, but the wait time was ridiculous. We got there a little before 1and didn't get out until after 4.

By that time we were starving so we got food, and ran by the craft store to pick up some baskets to help me organize some stuff I pulled out of the closet from downstairs. Now its almost 7 and we're just getting home and I don't plan on doing another thing. My cleaning plans went out the window. Well, maybe I'll finish vacuuming since the vacuum is still sitting there.  Tomorrow is another day though and I plan to finish my list. Here's what is left..

1. Laundry.. the chore that never ends
2. Clean Master bedroom, bathroom, and wash sheets.

Wow, I guess thats not as much as I thought it'd be. Maybe I'll add another task if I feel like I have time. My mom is coming tomorrow afternoon. It does feel good knowing I don't have to bust my butt cleaning before she comes though, I'm just doing projects I had planned on doing anyways. The main rooms I focus on before she comes are already done.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sick of excuses, and just sick too.

It is 11pm and I haven't even unloaded the dishwasher. I have been thinking of just letting it go, but I shouldn't. I keep telling myself I'm sick and its ok to just let it go, but I'm starting to feel a little better and I might as well. I'm worried if I skip tonight I will keep coming up with more excuses. But I'm also worried if I go ahead and do it I will feel like crap again.

I haven't made the bed up any like I had planned, but I still intend on making that my next goal. I think I'm going to keep on just doing dishes, and work on cleaning my room and other stuff and once that is done I will start making the bed up. My room is so messy that once I wake up I just want to leave it. At night I wait until the last second before I come lay down. Once it is clean I will enjoy being here more and will do better about making the bed up, and then I can also focus on keeping everything clean.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

No excuses

As this week is wrapping up I'm feeling pretty good. I kept the sink fairly clean and free of dishes the whole time. I even caught myself tonight trying to make excuses and get out of it, but dont' worry, I'm going to do it.

I've cleaned the living room twice this week, which is a new record for me. I even removed the rug and mopped twice. The second time was out of necessity after my daughter spilled meringue powder all over the place.

I think tonight I'm also going to try to clean the kitchen more. I've been slowly working at it all week, but it just hasn't gotten done. Tonight I was getting things ready for my cake class and I took a few steps backwards in the kitchen cleaning department...

I think once I get that done I want to reorganize my pantry. I'm sure there is expired food I need to throw out, and the shelves are all a mess. I want to get the top row cleared off so I can make a space to organize my cake decorating supplies. I have a huge tool caddy for them, but I still need more space!

Messy mini me

I feel really good about how I've been doing so far. All it is is doing dishes, but I've been keeping up. Now its more that I just want to keep it done, and it has been easy since its just a little. I usually get to a point where it is so much I avoid it. Then, because I avoided it, it is a huge mess that is like a mountain. I think tomorrow if I have the energy I am going to work on cleaning the master bedroom. Once I do that I feel that it will be a nice start to my new daily task, making the bed.

My life will feel so much better once this one room is clean. I will go to sleep peacefully knowing I'm not surrounded by clutter, and I will wake up just as peaceful. I also won't have to worry about all the stuff Lorelei tries to grab when I'm asleep. She likes to poke around before she wakes me up. One day I want to wake up before her.

She is so sneaky though, always getting into stuff! This morning I woke up to the hot curlers (not hot) opened up and they were all over my bedroom floor. Thank goodness I didn't step on one! Bad habit call out though, they are still laying there. She grabs stuff off the countertops downstairs when no one is looking. It always seems to be something messy too. She's ruined a cake, spilt at least two boxes of instant potatoes, and a whole can of meringue powder. Just today while she was supposed to be napping she snuck into the office, found a box of art supplies, and dumped glitter all over the place. I really hope that once I get this place cleaned up there will be a lot less for her to get into. The things I mentioned were pretty much unavoidable except the potato buds, they should have been put away, but I will still feel better with a clean house. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


So I've decided I should make a goal.. Keeping a clean house of course is the overall goal, and will be an ongoing thing for the rest of my life, or at least until I win the lottery and can hire a maid, but as I'm creating new habits I would like a final list of what I'm aiming to do..

Many times before I've made a list of what cleaning I should do each day. Like wash linens on Monday, deep clean bathrooms on Tuesday, mop floors on Wednesday... You get where I'm going.. I need a final list.. I need a daily list of all the habits I want to create in myself, and a weekly list..

Here it is:


  • Run Dishwasher at Night
  • Empty Dishwasher in the Morning
  • Make Bed
  • A load of laundry
  • Quick Pick Up Around the House
  • Sweep (I vacuum, but this is just meant to be a quick clean, not deep clean)
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Wipe Down Bathrooms
  • Monday - 
    • Wash Sheets (Every other Monday)
    • More Detailed Vacuum and Mop (Living Room)
  • Tuesday - 
    • Deep Clean Kitchen
    • Detailed Vacuum and Mop (Kitchen)
  • Wednesday - 
    • Deep Clean Bathrooms
    • Detailed Mop (Bathrooms)
  • Thursday -
    • Upstairs -
      • Clean Office
      • Clean Lorelei's Room
      • Clean Master Bedroom
      • Vacuum Upstairs
  • Friday - 
    • Details in the Living Room
    • Vacuum and Mop (Living Room)
  • Weekends -
    • Keep up with Daily Tasks
    • Enjoy :)

So that is it, it isn't a long list.. The thing is though, if I were to do that list right now, it would be so much! I haven't kept up with all of this like I should have been so I'm behind. My hope is that I can get caught up and stay caught up. Once I am caught up these weekly tasks won't get so far behind and won't be so far to do.

I'm starting with developing daily habits, as I saw on It seemed like a logical system and one that would work for my stubborn ways. As with the site I just started making sure I did a load of dishes each night and unloaded them the next day. I'm really proud to say that for the past week I've stuck to it. She says that she always runs it even if it isn't full, but I can't bring myself to do it. It has to be at least half full for me. Last night I only had a couple of cups and a plate and some of my tips for cake decorating and it I didn't run it. I did however continue loading it today and ran it tonight. No dishes were left out. To me that is the whole point, getting it done, not running the dishwasher for the sake of running the dishwasher. I'm not saying that is how the other site says, I'm just saying what works for me and what rules I find acceptable.

So anyways, I've been doing dishes every night, and unloading them the next day. That is the first habit I'm trying to create. I think on Monday or Tuesday I am going to add in making the bed. I've done this before and loved it, I just let life happen and got out of the habit and now I miss it. I don't want to be overwhelmed though. I may do it this weekend, but if not it is not a problem. The same with the weekly tasks, they aren't "non-negotiable" right now, but I will probably try to start them. The only "non-negotiable" for me right now is the dishes, and starting next week the bed.. Slowly I will keep adding more tasks as I feel comfortable and hopefully I can keep it up..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coming Clean..

I am ready to be honest.

I've spent way too much time in the past two days reading "A Slob Comes Clean."

In those two days I have first come to the conclusion that this woman is my long lost sister. Everything she writes I feel like I could write myself. Second, if she can work at this with multiple kids and all that she seems to have going on in her life, I could do this with my boring self and only one kid.

I know I have no excuses, but keeping my house clean and free of clutter is one of my biggest struggles. All of the thoughts that run through my head, all of my subconscious problems, I have read on "A Slob Comes Clean."

One example.. I'm sitting on the sofa doing something, or nothing really, just watching tv... I see some trash that needs to be thrown away, or laundry needs to be done.. I just think "I'm doing something now, I'll do it when I'm done."

Except when I get up from what I'm doing, I usually have something else to do like going to the kitchen or to the bathroom.. To do nothing important really.

I'm going to have to make a conscious effort to do this, to keep my house clean. Not just clean it, but keep it up.

I like the way she started by giving herself "non-negotiable tasks." Doing one a week and consciously following through until a habit is formed is a good idea. Not overwhelming.

Keywords here: Consciously.. I have to remind myself. I have to make an effort to do things that seem to come so easily to other people..  Non-negotialble.. I can't just say "I did it yesterday." Yes, I did do this yesterday, but I'm going to do it again today, and then again tomorrow. That is how the house stays clean. Habit.. If I keep doing this hopefully I will start doing it habitually. I won't have to think about it so much.

I'm not writing this to copy "A Slob Comes Clean." I just need somewhere to be honest, and to be accountable, even if it is only to myself. Maybe embarrassing pictures will help.. I will upload them later. Right now I need to find nasal spray so I can breathe!