Monday, July 1, 2013

Guess what?

It is more important now than ever that I develop these habits I've been trying to start. We recently found out our family will be growing.

This is about the same time two weeks ago when my prime cleaning time turned into a daily nap time. I haven't been able to function. I'm hoping this will be a symptom that leaves soon and I can get back to it.

I have been making my bed every day. My house isn't so bad that it can't be cleaned in a short time and not as bad as it use to be, but its bad enough that it bothers me.

The fact that it bothers me is a good thing though. If it didn't bother me we would have bigger issues to deal with. Right now my issue is just that I'm tired and I'd rather nap.

Throughout this pregnancy I want to keep developing these habits and have my house running smoothly so that it won't completely ruin our house when a new little person arrives.

I remember the days of being newlywed and no baby. My house was so easy to keep up. Lorelei didn't make the messes after she was born, but I paid more attention to her than the house. Now I'm finally working things out. I have almost 9 months to keep working on this. I don't want to start over again.

So lately like I said, I've made my bed, but I need to do better. I need to get back into doing the dishes. We've been stuck in the habit of eating out, which is not good. It cuts down on the number of dishes, but also on the amount of money in our wallet. I am trying to cook at home more. I use the excuse that I'm tired from cooking and dishes wait. So dishes sit in my sink until the next day, sometimes even the day after. By that time I've cooked again and then it becomes hard to fit it all in there.

And this is the point of this post where I get so tired in the middle of the afternoon that I start rambling. Its definitely nap time.