Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parties, cleaning, and books.

Tonight is my last night at home before going back home for Lorelei's party. Last year we had it here, but I decided this year it may be easier for all of our family if we do it closer to them.

So I have had so much to do this week, and I'm just now getting around to it tonight. That is so typical of me. My house has been a mess and then tonight I get it in my brain that maybe I should clean it before I leave so I don't come home to a mess.. We will see if that works out or if I end up passing out first.

The good news is that I cleaned my car out just a few minutes ago. That is a big accomplishment for me. To be honest, I've been hoping it would bother my husband first and he would volunteer to go do it. I guess it didn't bother him that bad.

Another accomplishment is that I have everything ready that I can so far for Lorelei's party. So what exactly do I have left to do here? I need to clean all the toys and trash and crap out of my living room and kitchen. I need to finish the load of clothes that is washing now and put it all in my suitcase so I can take it with me tomorrow. I need to consider doing dishes (or just ask my husband to do them tomorrow - which will mean I will have to redo them when I get home on Monday). I need to vacuum my living room and kitchen because God knows whats living under all this mess, and I spilled some sugar in the kitchen. I need to take out the trash, because its to the point where I'm avoiding going into the pantry, where the trashcan is located. Last, but not least, I need to sleep.

So what have I been doing all week instead of this? Uhm, nothing. We slept until 11 today. I don't even know how. Lorelei usually wakes up around 9, but today I ended up waking her up. Then, a little after 12 she wanted to go and lay back down. She isn't sick, I guess she just wanted to cuddle. I've also been reading a book. Its a book that has been on my shelf for over a year. I got it at Books a Million on sale, it was one of those BOGO things, and it was only like $3 to begin with so the book nerd in me couldn't say no. I decided the other day that I needed to take a break from the computer screen and my phone. Every so often I spend way too much time at the computer and my eyes will freak out or I will get a horrible headache, or both. Earlier this week I got the headache. It started one evening and woke me up all throughout the night. The next morning it was so bad I felt sick. After taking some strong meds it went away thank God, but after that I decided to read a book to keep me away from the screen. I'm happy though, because this book is actually pretty good. Maybe I should read a few of the others on the shelf. There are a few I'd like to re-read too.

I've always wanted to write a book. When I was younger I had this notebook and actually wrote a long story in most of it. I think my problem is that I always write about something too personal without trying to be personal about it. Either I need to own it, or write about something completely fictional. Another problem, I come up with genius ideas at night, and never get up and write them down.

Now the question is, will I clean my house or sit here and try to start writing a book....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Its been a while..

It has been almost 2 months..

I'm 15 weeks pregnant, out of the first trimester finally. They say that if you have morning sickness in the beginning it usually ends at the end of the first trimester. Someone hasn't told my children this though. With my first I was sick until I was five months pregnant. Thats about 20 weeks. This time around I thought I got lucky. I didn't get sick at all in the beginning. I was just super tired. However, now I feel like crap. Daily. I would explain to you how I feel, but just thinking about it makes me feel worse.

This all didn't really matter the first time I was pregnant. My husband was deployed, and I didn't have a toddler to take care of. Now with a husband home and a kid running around my house is a mess.

And let me just say this always happens! I get into a good routine, my house is clean, and then something happens. This time I got pregnant, which I'm so excited about, but the state of my house is another story. Its bad! I look at it all day everyday and think of how bad it is. I imagine myself cleaning it, but when I go to do it I'm so tired and sick feeling nothing happens.

So after this I have to make myself push through a little bit..

On the bright side, this weekend is Lorelei's 3rd birthday party! I can't believe my baby is almost 3 years old.